Creating a Clear Path to Your Passion

Mistakes to Avoid While Trying to Find Your Personal Passion

“Follow your passion, and success will follow you.” Arthur Buddhold

b4_ia2_spring_femaleToo many people go through life just living day to day, and they never experience the joy of living a life of purpose and passion. Then there are those who have decided to find their passion so they can experience that joy found in living from the heart. For some, the road to discovering their passion may be a simple and direct path, yet for others the journey may be more complex and confusing. Here are a few mistakes to avoid while on your journey to find your personal passion.

Being too logical

Some choices need to be made from the heart, and what you are passionate about is one of them. Finding your passion is best when it is a heart felt journey. Give yourself time, gather your courage, quiet yourself in meditation, trust yourself, and feel your emotions. You will know you’re on the right track when you feel excitement in your entire body, mind and soul – that is your passion.

Getting stuck in fear

Fear can hold us back in so many ways. Fear of making a mistake and making the wrong choice can paralyze us from moving forward. Buddha said “there are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. Fear can stop us from starting as well as hold us back from finishing the journey. Moving past the fear can liberate you on your passion path. It’s all part of the journey; you must begin somewhere. Why not begin right now, from right where you are.

Trying to figure it out all by yourself

Any journey is more difficult alone, and we all have voices of doubt that we must fend off. Having someone to share any confusing thoughts, doubts and fears with can often eliminate the negative concerns all together as well as shed light on the truth. A coach or mentor can help you move past emotions that are holding you back, provide encouragement, and help you stay clear on your passion path.

Other mistakes that can hinder your path to passion include:

  • Trying to be perfect
  • Getting caught in overwhelm
  • Listening to others’ opinions
  • Not trusting your inner guidance
  • Making it all work – taking the fun out of it
  • Forcing something to happen
  • Over-thinking the process
  • Doubting yourself, your strengths, and your abilities

Begin your passion exploration with a blank canvas without looking back at past mistakes you may feel you have made. I invite you to ask yourself a few simple questions including:

  • What am I good at?
  • How do I enjoy spending my time?
  • What stirs my soul?
  • What’s something I’ve always wanted to learn?

Don’t be surprised when fear and doubt show up. Be willing to acknowledge those emotions, without judgement, and then let them go. Be patient with the process. It is a journey after all. A worthwhile journey, first to your heart and then on to your passion, happiness, inspiration, and joy.

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