Responding to Tragedy

p549842_aSometimes things happen that seem so unreal and are so unfair. Tragedies happen. People die or are injured and families are left to grieve and put the pieces back together. We are left behind to mourn the loss, take care of the injured and feel the fear of when is it going to happen again. And I believe it’s how we choose to respond to these difficult and tragic situations where miracles can be found. It’s people coming together to help. It’s the injured person who fights back to health and shows others how to be courageous. It’s those left behind who will never forget but live anyway. It’s those left behind with broken hearts who love again. Unseen healing and miracles take place in response to tragedies. Violence as well as natural disasters are tragic. What can we do to help? What will I do to help? What will you do to help? And I know that death isn’t the end, death never has the last word and at the end of suffering comes healing. I invite you to take time to pray for those affected by┬áthe latest shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. My prayers and thoughts are certainly with them now.